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  • Adults 17+

    • 1 Day - $75

    • 2 Days - $115

    • 3 Days - $145

  • Youth 13 - 16

    • 1 Day - $55​

    • 2 Days - $85

    • 3 Days - $115

  • Cubs 12 & Under - Free

  • Bowhunter Competition All ages - $50 (Receive 50% off competition fees with purchase of a Saturday pass)

    • If you do not want to enter the Bowhunter Competition, simply click on "no" on the registration page.​

  • Family or Group Registrations

    • Family Passes are available ONLY to families that include: 1 or 2 adults (17+) plus up to 5 youth (16 & under). Families consisting of more than 6 total shooters are required to register additional members separately. These passes cannot be purchased by groups consisting of more than 2 adults. Any group that registers as a family outside of these restrictions will pay additional fees upon check-in onsite, or risk their registration being cancelled completely, without refund.​

    • Groups consisting of 6 adults will receive a 10% discount. The discount will apply automatically, when all 6 adults have been added to the registration cart. All 6 members must register and pay as a group. Discount will not be applied when registering and paying as individuals.

Camping is available on site at every event. 

  • Reservations can be made through each resort/venue with the exception of Purgatory. Purchase camping passes for purgatory here: RV , Tent


  • All shooters must choose one course and start time to begin each day. This helps us to organize shooters each day to avoid course and/or target backup.

  • You will have the opportunity to shoot multiple courses each day, depending on the length of time it takes you and/or your group to shoot a course.

  • You may choose to shoot mulitple days but you are not required to.

  • Rules for the Bowhunter Competition do not apply to those shooting recreational courses only.


  • More questions? See our FAQ page.

  • We have created a list of archery clubs and shops near each of our MAF events to better serve you. Please visit our page here.

Rules & Regulations

  • We welcome shooters of all levels and abilities, as well as all disciplines, compound, and traditional.​

  • Absolutely NO BROADHEADS allowed. 

    • You will be asked to leave the event if you possess broadheads while on courses.​

  • You can shoot more than one course per day as long as time allows.

  • IF you choose to sign up for the competition on Saturday, you will have time to shoot another course in the afternoon, however you will be required to purchase a day pass in addition to paying competition fees.

  • All shooters are welcome to move up from the shooting pin as needed as long as you have a safe shot and do not impede on other shooters or courses.

  • Youth are allowed on all courses as their parent or guardian sees fit.

  • Youth 15 & under must be accompanied by an adult on all courses, at all times.

  • You must follow the same color flagging until you reach the end of your course. Do not take short cuts or change courses once you begin a course. 

  • Please respect the groups coming in behind you. To avoid backup on courses, one arrow per shooter, per target.

Mountain Archery Fest Attendees
Mountain Archery Fest World Record Elk Target

MAF Bowhunter Competition


  • New in 2024, all competitors will compete in the "bowhunter" category.

    • Shooters will choose their division according to their age and/or gender, and compound, or traditional bow.​

    • Heats start every 30 minutes. (The 30 minute start time you choose is the time you will start. the competition course will take approximately 3 - 4 hours to complete.

    • There will be a shoot-off at 4:00pm for the top 5 placers in each division.

  • Competitors must be registered and checked in 30 minutes prior to their time slot. Failure to do so will result in competitor being moved to latest time slot for the day or disqualification without refund.

  • Compound bows must be a hunting set up.

    • If you don't use the bow to hunt with, chances are it's not a hunting set up.

    • No stabilizers over 15"

    • A QUIVER IS REQUIRED AND MUST BE MOUNTED ON YOUR BOW! NO HIP QUIVERS. Failure to follow this rule will result in disqualification.


  • Spectators are not allowed on the competition course, with the exception of minors and their parent.

  • There is a Traditional bow category

  • Youth competitors, 15 & under, may request to be transfered into an older age division at check-in if they so choose.​

  • Buckles will be awarded to the top 3 shooters in the men's, women's and youth categories.​

  • 1st place finishers will be invited to compete in the Derek Wolfe Invitational on August 3, 2024 in Fairplay, CO.

  • Youth shooters will be grouped with their parent or guardian.

  • Shooters 15+, temper tantrums will not be tolerated. Exercise good sportsmanship and set a good example for our youth. 

  • Mandatory competitor meeting takes place 15 minutes prior to the start of your heat. 

  • Rules and Regulations

  • The last heat for the competition begins at 12:00pm.

  • If you registered for the competition and purchased a day pass for Saturday, please choose a start time for your recreational course at least 2.5 hours after your competition start time.

Mountain Fitness Challenge at MAF

hle white logo.png

 Mountain Fitness Challenge at Mountain Archery Fest Train Like You Hunt Challenge Overview: Step into the Mountain Fitness Challenge during the Mountain Archery Fest, an event blending an intense workouts with archery proficiency. Suitable for all skill levels and led by professional coaches. 

Event Highlights:

  • Dynamic Workouts: Test your endurance with exercises inspired by mountain terrain.

  • Archery Under Pressure: Shoot arrows at various distances post-workout, challenging your focus and precision.

  • Prizes for Top Competitors: First, second, and third place finishers will be awarded prize packs valued up to $500.

Why Join? It's more than a competition; it's an opportunity to push your limits, enhance your archery skills, and potentially win impressive prize packs. Ideal for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts.

Tickets: Limited spots available. Secure your spot now!

Register for the Mountain Fitness Challenge!

Register HERE

Locations | GA | PA | IL | UT | WY | CO | MT

Day | Saturday

Time | 3:00 pm

Red Patch Outdoors Mountain Archery Fest Partner

Locations and Dates:

Soldier Hollow | Midway, UT | May 31 & June 1

Blacktail Mountain | Lakeside, MT | July 12 & 13

School Of Hard Nocks

What is it?   

  • For those that are new to Bow Hunting or struggling with finding success and want some on-mountain experience, welcome to the School of Hard Nocks. Shoot through a course with experienced hunters and make yourself a better bowhunter! 

Benefits include: 

  • Free onX Elite Membership

  • VIP Early Access to the Mountain

  • Demo Gear From Initial Ascent and Red Patch Outdoors 

  • Bow Draw analysis and Fitness Consult with Dr. Rob of Wilderness Physical Therapy. 

What to expect : 

  • Practice proper form for elevated, step angle, side hill, elevated heart rate, and the other various scenarios you experience while bow hunting.

  • Shot placement analysis and coaching

  • Hands on how to using onX

  • E-scout and plan a hunt for the upcoming season

  • Great comradery and fun!

Where do I register?

  • SOHN will be at our UT, and MT events. On the registration page for those events, you can choose a Friday or Saturday pass. SOHN is listed as and early morning course. 

Learn More Here

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