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There are only 2 ways to attend the Derek Wolfe Invitational

  1. Receive a personal invite from Derek Wolfe himself

  2. Earn 1st place in the Mountain Archery Fest Bowhunter Competition at any 2024 MAF event.

Any competitor that places 1st at MAF this year will have the opportunity to shoot in the Derek Wolfe Invitational, along side top industry archers, professional athletes, and other celebrities. Entry fee for this competition will be $300/Adults 16+, and $150/Youth 13 - 16. All proceeds from the event will go to The Wolfe Pack Foundation a charity for under priviledged at risk youth, CO Initiative 101 (ban on mountain lion trophies), and conservation. Winners of the MAF Bowhunter Competition will be required to pay their entry fee to compete in the DW Invite.

A link to register will be sent out to all invitees.

Derek Wolfe Invitational

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